I made a thing! Introducing Plu for Cumulus

I’ve gone back to do some desiging, something I haven’t done for a really really long time, but I do enjoy it and I feel like I know whats demonstrates my yarns in the best way. I also like super simple garments, the kind I can knit while I’m watching TV, no fussy stuff to get in the way.

For absolutely ages I’ve been wanting a super light warm drapey sweater, the kind you wear on a miserable rainy day at home over your favourite PJ’s to make you feel super cosy, but also at the same time you can chuck a pair of jeans on and wear it out for lunch or laying over skirts and dresses and feel like you are wrapped up in cuddle, . Plu was a result, and I’ve haven’t taken it off since I made my first one, infact it took me about a week of evenings to make, so its super quick, I’m actually already onto my third sweater, that’s how much I love it.

The sweater is knitted with two ends of Cumulus together, and because of the halo of cumulus it blends together two colours making a soft marl effect. The Blue is a combination of Onxy (919) and Stormcloud (920).

The sweater I’m wearing weighs a mere 280gms, it’s as light as a feather, which is why we choose the name ‘Plu’ which means feather in Welsh.

Without further ado I present to you Plu, a sweater you will not regret making!

Drapey sweater.jpg

Plu is available from Ravelry as a download here, take a look at our stockists for Cumulus Yarn.

Let us know if you make one so we share your Plu on Instagram!