Knitting With Rainbows

by Carol Feller

Knitting with gradients is so much fun - I can never wait to see how the next colour will look knitted up! You now have so much choice, with the huge upsurge in the availability of gradient yarn skeins and mini-skein sets. Unfortunately, faced with a beautiful gradient skein pack, the yarn can sometimes look so perfect that it can be a little intimidating just to cast on. How can you make sure you knit them in at pattern and style that will do the yarn justice? Or, to put it another way, what is the best way to knit with a rainbow? Join me for an exciting exploration of gradient yarns!

In this book you will learn abut the different types of gradient yarns available; single skein, mini-skeins, dramatic colour jumps and subtle colour jumps. Based on the yarn type you can then use the techniques covered in the book to create the best yarn and pattern match. You will learn about different stitch patterns that create movement in the knitted fabric, how to bias knitting and how to use modular knitting to join gradient colour blocks.

Armed with this basic knowledge, you can practice your new skills on eleven fun, wearable patterns, as well as knowing what to look out for when matching gradient yarns with new patterns for future projects.